WildFood for Pets

WildFood for Pets

Wild Food USA offers high-quality raw dog and cat food that is biologically appropriate and formulated by vets and nutritionists. Their USDA-approved ingredients include beef, chicken, pork, quail, and fish. This company began locally in South Florida, and we will focus on their beef mix.


50 % beef (beef + beef heart) 

17 % chicken necks 

16 % vegetables 

13 % beef kidneys 

4 % beef liver 

Calories per serving 120 g (4,2 oz): 

total 181.3 kcal. 

Protein 19 g

fat 10 g

carb. 1.7g 


Crude Protein (min) 60%

Crude Fat (min) 24%

Crude Fiber (max) 2%

Moisture (max) 74%

Calcium/Phosphorus 1.07/1


Is it Complete and Balanced? The liver content should be 5%; they are close, at 4%, which is acceptable since most people enjoy giving their dogs liver as treats. They are high on vegetables; as we know, fruits and veggies are not needed for essential nutrients, but they are beneficial in completing nutritional requirements in diets. I wish they offered a fish source for omegas, but I love that WildFood does not supplement, giving you the power to add what you want.

Weight and packaging of the product: WildFood comes in a black 4-ounce black mylar bag which is excellent for travel. I dislike that you can't see the bag's contents; their product is fresh, chunky, and not seen at all! It's a missed opportunity..people are very visual!

Visuals of the meat:  I appreciate how this food is not how you expect it; you can see every single thing that this food contains; beef liver and kidney is visually recognizable next to chunks of beef and veggies. 

Taste: It tasted good; you can taste the organs against the meat and veggies which is fine as it is distinguishable. 

Yenko enjoyed all his meals, including the quail. At first, I was not too fond of the packaging size, but it was great for adding variety to meals. 

Poop: We used WildFood when we traveled to DC, and at home, all his poops were perfectly healthy stools. No nervous poops on this trip!

Price: $3.20 for a 4-ounce package.

Delivery: Free Delivery in South Florida when you spend over $50.

Other things to Note: WildFood for Pets is a new business; they are learning about customer needs and looking to improve their website, packaging, and delivery options. They are an excellent addition to have in South Florida!



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