Meet Nelly, the living heart and soul behind The Combine Dog & Yenko… a part of Nelly’s heart and soul.

If you made it this far, I suppose you already know how much of a dog lover I am. But my story with dogs goes way back…

When Yenko came into my life, I quickly noticed how socialization was essential to him. Activities and things where he could exert that powerful puppy energy. And playing with him in the park was also a unique and fulfilling activity for me. Suddenly, my dog was not the only one that felt better afterward!

Dogs are such an important part of my life that I wanted to give back to them, as much as I could. That’s what sparked the idea of putting my interactive art and architecture background to work, and finally creating The Combine Dog Co. 

Something I intend to be more than just a brand. I want it to be THE place where like-minded dog lovers can discover all the exciting wrinkles of sharing the best of us with our beloved furry friends, and getting to live a fuller life in return.

How? By embracing their lifestyle. The dog life!

We’re the place to embrace the dog life and make dog things, your thing! 

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