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Duck Necks

Duck Necks

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Picky eater? 🦆 Duck is an excellent protein choice for picky eaters. These duck necks are rich in vitamins and nutrients, like Vitamin B, which helps maintain metabolism and heart health. Each pack has four (4) duck necks.

These chews are dried for over 24 hours at a low temperature to ensure that the bones break rather than splinter like cooked, brittle bones. This chew is fully digestible and acts as a toothbrush supporting gum and dental health.

✅ Note to customer: We recommend that you monitor your dog whenever they are chewing on a treat, no matter the type. Even the safest chews can be a choking risk if your dog tries to bite it the wrong way or swallow too quickly.

Care Instructions

Store in cool, dry place, freeze for prolonged storage.

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Pups love us!

"I appreciate how the shop had placed details of what was inside the bento box, it was personalized for my dogs! This must've been my dog's favorite treat from the shop, it has an assortment of what the shop offers and is a great way to fill a Toppl. Will definitely add this to every shopping!"

- Pauly B. on May 27, 2022